Substaion Testing Equipment

YCCI-9901 Phase and Feeder Identifier

Phase and Feeder Identifier is used to identify users’ basic information, such as users’ transformer, power and phase line etc. It serves as an effective management approach. The system adopts both pulse method and the powerline carrier signal method to identify users’ information. The 2 methods can be used in combination or separately. It offers high testing accuracy, with no misjudgment or unrecognization of users occurring.

YCPQA-9901 Power Quality Analyzer

YCPQA-9901 Power Quality Analyzer is used to long-term or short-term on-line monitor voltage, current and power of the power grids, providing reliable monitoring data for making harmonic pollution reduction approaches for the power grid.

YCTC - 9901 Transformer Capacity Tester

The transformer capacity Test Instrument is a digital, portable instrument designed for measurement of distribution transformers’ capacity, loss and other parameters.It integrates the functions of off-line measurement of distribution transformer capacity, no-load current, no-load loss, load loss, impedance voltage and other power frequency parameters. 




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