Gas Meter Testing Bench

The gas meters are tested at three or more measuring points. A magazine made of three sonic nozzles is used as a flow sensor. The nozzle magazine can be exchanged with just a few hand movements so that up to five different gas meter types can be calibrated on one test bench.

Features & Functions:

  • High long-term stability through the use of sonic nozzles
  • Highest accuracy by the use of sonic nozzles
  • Optimum capacity utilization – short process times
  • Integrated plausibility check of the meter signal
  • Automated counter monitoring
  • Fast and stable adjusting of the volume flow
  • Modular system for 1 to 24 units
  • Long-term stable measuring elements- low re-calibration effort

RPD Reference Gas Meter

The rotary positive displacement (RPD) reference gas meters GM4 and GM16 meet the highest demands on reliable and accurate reference gas flow measurement down to 0.01 m³/h. Working according to the positive displacement principle, two counter-rotating impellers are displacing a fixed volume from the inlet to the outlet of the meter with each full revolution

Features & Benefits :

  • Reference measurement for low flow rates
  • Continuous and absolutely pulsation free
  • Excellent measurement accuracy
  • Gauge pressure operation
  • Robust and compact design




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